Introducing Hide-A-Bow


Archery hunters are thrilled about the introduction of Hide-A-Bow, a new and patented archery product that will allow turkey, deer, antelope and elk hunters to experience closer encounters with their prey, which will result in higher kill ratios. Portable hunting blinds are one of the best tools you can have for a hunt. This new and revolutionary device attaches directly to the front of all brands of bows, is light weight, portable and easy to setup and break down. Hide-A-Bow offers a variety of images for the blind, such as turkey, white tail deer, mule deer, antelope, or elk. In addition to the images available, Hide-A-Bow offers LostCamo camouflage (licensed by Mathews Bows) which can be used for all game.

As every archery hunter knows, one of the toughest things in archery hunting is being able to draw back your arrow for a shot without giving away your position.. The slightest movement will spook the prey. However with the Hide-A-Bow "Shoot-Thru" design, this problem has been solved. Hide-A-Bow is field testing and proven to allow you to eliminate those worrisome movements that can spook the game and provides for a closer shot. The realism and quality of the Hide-A-Bow images have in many cases, proven to be an effective attractant to the game.

Varying bow blind technologies have shown their limitations. Tree mounted and elevated blinds are dangerous to use, difficult to setup, have zero mobility, and are expensive. Tent or popup blinds are safer to use and less expensive than elevated blinds, however they offer only a fixed field of view, zero mobility, and are cumbersome and heavy to handle. The patented Hide-A-Bow system solves all of these problems plus offers additional features never before seen in a product this safe, this mobile, and this easy to use.

Order your Hide-A-Bow today and start enjoying easier and more successful hunts tomorrow!

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